Leather Sofa Maintenance

- Feb 11, 2015-

1, the newly acquired leather sofas, first washed with a wet towel, blow dry erase sofa surface dust and dirt, then gently wipe with a care agent sofa surface once or twice (do not use care products containing wax), which form a protective film on the surface of leather which will easy depth dermal pores of dirt for later cleaning;

2, to avoid a sharp object scratched leather

3, to avoid grease stains, ball-point pen, ink, and other dirty sofa. If there are stains on the sofa, leather detergent, shall immediately, if there is no leather cleaner, clean white towel lightly grease stain a little alcohol, then wipe dry with a dry and wet towel, use protective agent care;

4, sofa day-to-day care wring a wet towel wipe about leather cleaning agent to clean the sofa, 2-3 months, or with a household vacuum cleaner suction sofa surface dust, etc;

5, in order to extend service life and kids jumping on the sofa playing, sweat to the body that is not directly in contact with sofas;

6, sofa placed to leave 5-10cm, ventilation;

7, in order to avoid direct sunlight sofa, living room often sunlight, may from time to time position to prevent sofa intermodulation chromatic aberration is obvious; if humidity larger places, can take advantage of 8 points to 10 points in the morning's weak exposure to the Sun for seven days, 1 hour a day, for about 3 months;

8, scrub clean leather sofas clean way can not be used above (except on the cortex of oil), used thin copper brush gently brush swab, restoring its appearance.

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