Fabric Sofa Introduced Practical Methods For Dust

- Feb 11, 2015-

Weekly dusting

According to experts, keeping the sofa clean and most importantly weekly dusting regularly. With a dry towel to beat, to get rid of dust, then wipe with a damp towel fabric. If you use a vacuum cleaner, dust would be better, but do not use suction brush, but also to avoid extra suction to absorb, as it may lead to plectonema was break. Can fix a flat on the vacuum cleaner suction head, adjust the suction to the strong, clear the sofa of dust in the crevices. The arm of the sofa, cushions and crevices are the focus needed to clean parts.

Dirty little secret

When sofa surface stains, use clean cloth dipped in water or special sofa cleaning agent from the outside in wiping, removing stains, but don't use a lot of water washing to avoid water infiltration sofas lining, causing couch frame deformation of damp inside, but also easy to breed mold. In addition, sofa cloth should also be removed to clean once a year, need to pay attention, you must thoroughly wash detergents, or may be more susceptible to dirt. On sunny days, it might be detachable cushions, cushions etc get sunlight to remove moisture and kill the mold.

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