Chair Foam, IKEA Was Accused Of Violating Consumers ' Rights

- Feb 11, 2015-

"499 chairs is foam had broken down for more than three months, without any detailed product descriptions, nor warranty instructions on the tickets, this is not a violation of consumers ' rights? "Ms Sun, told reporters that in January of this year he bought at IKEA a sithicus red swivel chair sells for 499 dollars, starting in April, swivel chairs start white foam dropped through the cracks, then tilt, then realized it swivel cracked and cannot be used. "We always buy IKEA products, has always been trusted quality of IKEA, but I didn't expect nearly 500 of the Chair is made from foam and used for more than three months would have been worse off, knew the type of material they would not buy it. "Sun said reporters had badly damaged Chair, but Ms rangsun is even more depressing, because at that time did not hear the Mall for product warranty provisions, there is no special instructions on the tickets, as the only evidence of after-sale warranty shopping receipts were carelessly throw away. "Two days before the phone know you are shopping receipts for a one-year warranty," Sun said, "so the equivalent of playing with 500 bucks was a boondoggle. "The reporter noted that the Chair purchased Ms Sun says on the packaging material terms, there is no relevant information on the warranty.

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