Bloom Chair "sit" In The United States

- Feb 11, 2015-

Different spaces and elegant present

In General, each home space Chair appears on the scene. Comfort high chair can be used in the bedroom, high back Chair, suitable for the living room, to create a casual atmosphere; the sleek and the strong sense of design, have received chairs are well suited for Studio and Studio and lounge chairs, chairs, etc, put a corner or balcony, can relax, for the body to "recharge".

Learn feature pick

You need to know is that General seat from the seat height, seat depth, seat backs to make the selection. The seat is too high, leg easy overhang, low hip compression. Seat surface too deep, waist and back with support, too shallow and the thigh hard, this would allow people who sit uncomfortable feeling. In addition, the seatback can best play a supporting role, such as back or neck, the outer materials should be in contact with human body ventilation, wear-resistant and dirt. Of course all of this depends on the specific functions of the Chair to decide.

Different applications require different

If it is a dining chair, its height should be compatible with the table's height and height of the users, and see whether the Chair back style, natural also to try to feel the shaking, stability is sufficient; if it is a computer Chair, the best choice for swivel, height adjustable, easy to find information and tools at any time. When participants feel the softness of the upholstery and the backrest and the fit of the body, there is a smooth pulley is slipping, and so on if it is a child seat, safety, environmental protection is the most important.

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