The 25th China International Furniture Expo

- Jun 26, 2019-

The new KV of Furniture China 2019 was released at the beginning of this April for its 25th anniversary.


The visual elements of the main image are extracted from the “flower” element. The design styles, including realism and freehand brushwork, display a sense of technology and wisdom in a more abstract manner to create the overall effect of “tech-driven” blossom, echoing and conforming to the development led by “Technology, Wisdom and Leadership” in the China International Furniture Expo (widely known as Furniture China).


In visual dimension, with the “h” symbol sits at the center of the LOGO, the main image spreads from the inside out and evolves from 2D to 3D into a graphics of “flower”. The application of dynamic effects reflects diversified vision specific to the Internet era, providing a better interpretation of Furniture China entering towards a path of diversification.

Since 2008, PG CENTURY FURNITURE CO.LTD join the FURNITURE CHINA family,this year 2019 already our 12th attendance at PUDONG SHANGHAI. As always we will bring out latest design and technology,it will be a great show of brand new collection of Leather Sofa, Aired Leather Sofa, Fabric Sofa, CU Sofa, PU sofa Recliner Sofa, Electric Motion Sofa, Auto-Electric Sofa, Modern Sofa, Italian Sofa, Sofa Bed, Chairs and Ottoman.

Furniture China 2019 (3)

Furniture China 2019 (4)

Furniture China 2019 (1)

Furniture China 2019 (5)

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