Protective synthetic leather furniture extend your life

- Feb 11, 2015-

Many of the furnishings are made of synthetic leather surface, such as sofas, chairs, etc. Their surface appearance, contact feel good, and wear resistance, rub resistance, hydrolysis resistance, crack resistance strength, Peel strength are very strong and, therefore, was welcomed by the consumers.

Synthetic leather and wood, cotton and linen fabric nature, high temperature, high humidity, low temperature and strong light, solutions containing acids, alkaline solutions has an impact on it. Therefore, the use of synthetic leather furniture to note several points: furniture placement to avoid high temperature places. Too high a temperature will vary the synthetic leather exterior, and each other. Therefore, the furniture should not be rotated near the fire, also should not be placed on the side of the radiator, and don't let the Sun.

Do not place furniture in the room temperature is too low. Temperature is too low or the air conditioner for a long time in direct, would take a cold, chapping, synthetic leather hardened. Do not place furniture in the humidity of the room. Humidity too high cause hydrolysis of synthetic leather and development, resulting in damage to the epithelium on the surface and shorten the service life. Therefore, such as toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms not suitable for synthetic leather furniture configuration. Clean synthetic leather furniture, do not use wet towels or wet cloth, wipe clean with a dry cloth as well.

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