Leather furniture "unspoken rules" exposure

- Feb 11, 2015-

Leather furniture "unspoken rules" exposed confusion deceiving consumers

Insiders said that the improvement of production technology, leather has been upgraded in the past, known as the imitation leather. As a result of poly-urethane non-woven synthetic leather imitation leather goods, look and leather products are very close, even to achieve "true" level. Especially high imitation products, not only can the appearance of all types of leather, texture, luster, copy the looks like leather, but also can produce using micro-porous film technology with the pores of the leather, if you do not see the leather on the back of the substrate, is no ordinary consumer experience is difficult to infer real leather or imitation leather. General, leather is smear the material processed from chemical raw materials, wear-resistant and aging resistance, imitation leather and leather are impossible to compare. Sales weakness in consumer lack expertise is used, the concept of deliberate confusion in selling leather. Invoice intended that the leather into leather, mislead the consumer, even after consumers complain to the management, vague concept they can escape punishment.

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