Hand buy leather and fabric sofa

- Feb 11, 2015-

1. check the lining surface is stretched tight enough, fine lining cushion furniture should not be unwanted wrinkles and folds.

2. lining cover should be formed, such as torn or tear the signs should not, nor had protruding nails or Staples, they hurt people and hooks

Torn clothing.

3. touch the frame parts, if through the bedding can reach the frame angle shows lining cover easy to wear in the short term, especially close to the sitting place.

4. observe proper pattern match, as a decorative stitch spacing is uniform and tidy.

5. the edge of the mat should not be suspended before here, cushions, armrests, backrest, and should not be too large gaps between them.

6. view the column base of armrest and cautiously, the wood surface is smooth, the mats shall be of sufficient strength and is lined with a sofa or Chair.

7. leather made sofas tend to have some significant chromatic aberration, even tiny flecks.

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