Choosing a sofa bed trick revealed

- Feb 11, 2015-

1. lining and durable

Couch, sleeping on the couch at night during the day, this sofa bed comfort, solidity, it is very important. But the quality of sofa beds can't tell from his appearance, it may try to sit out for more than 35 minutes, so the cause is strongly advised when you are shopping.

Nice sofa bed, must first have moderate softness of spring mattresses; and high resistance to pressure equalization of human body weight, good air permeability to maintain health. Good spring mattresses, should have the function of strengthening the spine pushing lifting in order to reduce the burden of day of the vertebrae so that you get a good night's sleep.

In addition, the adjustable grids is indispensable to the sofa bed. It strips of wood, has a different capacity, accurately according to each one's size and weight change, can keep your body's fatigue with the average body weight and muscle stretching, be released.

2. tasteful beauty face

Sofa bed features a wide variety: some arm 90 degrees into the bed, Chair, mattress by pulling straight out; some are formed by flip sofa seat double sofa bed ... ... Surface material for easy ventilation, removable to change for the better, don't show the dirt's suit fabric, are very welcomed by consumers.

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