Chair how to maintain?

- Feb 11, 2015-

Fabric: dust frequently, preferably once a week; local dirt clean white cloth stained with a few special detergents for textiles that are available in the dirt wiped repeatedly until remove stains, do not use a lot of water, so as not to cause the inside of the frame protected from moisture. If it is detachable oil on canvas and removed in accordance with the washing instructions cleaning once 3 months to six months.

Leather: avoid sunlight, prohibiting the use of alcohol and other volatile liquid scrub, daily cleaning only use a soft dry cloth. Avoid sharp object scratched leather surfaces. Two or three times a year using a special leather cleaner, can play a role in maintenance. Nubuck leather cleaner is more complex, it is best to find a professional cleaning company to clean.

Rattan: usually avoid direct sunlight or excessively long time exposure, when cleaning, use a soft brush to remove dust crack in rattan, also use towel pat dry dusting. Then wrung wet cloth to wipe over chairs, then wipe dry with a soft dry cloth, in a ventilated place to dry thoroughly. Wipe clean with a light salt water at regular intervals over chairs, this can stain, and help maintain the suppleness of the vine.

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